Choosing the right aluminium grade for your project


What is an aluminium grade?

Aluminium is one of the most common elements found on the planet and one of the most popular metals used in metalwork. 100% pure aluminium can be supplied as a finished product, but typically aluminium is alloyed with another element to enhance its properties. Aluminium is supplied in a variety of different grades, depending on the alloying element. Each grade displays specific characteristics – its why aluminium is considered an incredibly versatile metal.

See below for the properties and characteristics of the aluminium grades available at Clickmetal to help you choose the right aluminium grade for your project.


The purest and most popular form of aluminium available, comprising of at least 99% aluminium content. It is a light and ductile grade of aluminium and is exclusively a sheet specification. Its most commonly used by workers who will bend the sheet into many shapes, such as for food containers, lamp reflectors and cable sheathing.

The sheet also comes with a PVC coating on one side of the sheet to prevent any surface scratches that can occur during the cutting or delivery processes.


Combined with copper and heat-treated to the T3 temper, this aluminium alloy has a high mechanical strength that machines exceptionally well. Its best use is for screw machine parts such as clock, camera and speedometer parts.

It is available at Clickmetal as a round aluminium bar.


Combined with copper and heat-treated to the T6 temper, this 2014 aluminium alloy is typically applied for high strength structural purposes – for aircrafts, military vehicles, weapon manufacturing and building purposes.

It is available at Clickmetal as an aluminium plate.


Formed with magnesium, this 5083 aluminium alloy is provided in plate or sheet form and is the strongest non-heat treatable alloy (although not as strong or hard as grade 6082). Its highly resistant to both seawater and chemical environments and retains its strength after welding. This material is mostly for vehicle manufacturing purposes e.g. for rail cars and vehicle chassis. The ‘O’ denotes its soft temper.


Also available as a plate or a sheet, this medium strength magnesium alloy is heated to the H22 temper and offers high corrosion resistance in maritime, offshore and industrial environments.


This magnesium alloy is most commonly made into 5 bar treadplates and are suitable for floors, ramp coverings, stair treads, wall protection, kick plates and vehicle beds.


This magnesium and silicon alloy is available as a bar for general fabrication purposes.


Available in box form, this magnesium and silicon alloy can be bent and manipulated readily and is suitable for retail shop fittings.


The strongest of the 6000 grade alloys, this magnesium and silicon alloy is one of the most popular in the market and is available as a plate, sheet, bar or box at Clickmetal. Its suitable for structural applications like doorframe and handrails as well as welding and machining.


Available as a bar, typical applications for this engineering material include valves, screw machine parts, marine hardware, nuts and hinges.

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