Specialised Metal Processing Services

At Clickmetal, we understand that each project has its own unique requirements. That's why we offer a wide range of metal processing services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need precise cuts or custom components, we're dedicated to delivering top-quality results.

We haven't just invested heavily in cutting-edge metalworking equipment; we've also poured time and resources into building an exceptional in-house team. Our team's expertise in metal design and production allow us to deliver truly bespoke processing solutions for a wide range of industries - from marine and aerospace to medical, transport, oil and gas, defence, and construction.

With decades of experience and the latest metalworking technology, Clickmetal have the know-how to handle whatever project you’re working on.

Get a quote online for your custom metal parts or call 01794 521070 to discuss your project with our team of engineers. We're ready to help turn your metal component designs into high-quality finished products.

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Our Specialised Metal Processing Services

No matter the size or focus of your project, you can trust our metal processing services to deliver the exact custom-cut metals you need.

Guillotine Cutting

Our metalworkers utilise state-of-the-art guillotine blades to provide precise, clean cuts on metal plates, bars, tubes, and custom extrusions. We use both semi and fully automatic saws to cut metals to your exact specifications.

Bar Billeting

Need metal bars cut to size? We can cut bars and billets into smaller, more manageable pieces using our specialised saws.

Aluminium Plate Sawing

We can efficiently saw aluminium plates to specific dimensions using high-precision sawing machinery.

Extrusion Cutting

We can cut extruded profiles using semi-automatic or fully automatic saws for accurate and consistent results.

Prefabrication and Assembly

Save time and resources with our prefabrication services. We can combine multiple metal components into subassemblies or finished products, utilising techniques like folding, drilling, notching, punching, bending, and mitering to meet your build specifications.


Our expert finishing services ensure your metal arrives operation-ready. Our options include anodising, painting, powder coating, and polishing.

Metals for Every Project

We supply metals in angles, bars, plates, sheets and tubes. With our extensive product range and custom offerings, we have the right metal for your project. Our metal inventory includes:

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