Specialised Cut to Size Metal for the Medical Sector

In the realm of medical applications, our extensive selection of materials, including aluminium and stainless steel enables us to tailor metal solutions for a diverse range of purposes. 

Metal supply for the healthcare sector 

The medical field frequently calls upon various metals, each with its distinctive attributes and applications:


Aluminium finds widespread use in crafting lightweight, robust, and corrosion-resistant support equipment. Such applications encompass wheelchairs, walking aids, bed frames, and orthopaedic supports. To enhance longevity, we recommend considering our finishing services, which include painting or anodising aluminium components. 

Stainless Steel

In the medical sector, stainless steel reigns supreme for crafting essential surgical instruments such as tweezers and forceps. Its durability and ease of sterilisation make it the go-to choice for maintaining impeccable hygiene standards in healthcare settings. 

Typical Metal Profiles and Applications

We stock a wide range of metal profiles that can be used in a variety of medical equipment.

We stock the following metal profiles:


Custom Metal Processing Services

Our metal processing capabilities are designed to deliver precision-cut materials for medical needs:

  • Guillotine cutting
  • Extrusion cutting
  • Bar billeting
  • Prefabrication
  • Sawn aluminium plate
  • Finishing