Specialised Cut to Size Metal for the Oil & Gas Sector

In the dynamic Oil & Gas sector, the demand for durable and precision-cut metals is critical. Our bespoke solutions have supported numerous projects within this vigorous industry.

Our expertise in metal provision for Oil & Gas applications is rooted in over two decades of tailored service.

For instance, the rigorous demands of drilling operations, which often involve acid-laden fluids, require pipes that can withstand such aggressive environments without faltering. Metals in this field must exhibit exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion, factors we consider paramount in our selection process.

Metal supply for the oil & gas sector

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is the choice metal for the Oil & Gas industry, renowned for its robustness and resilience:

  • Notable strength and structural integrity
  • Superior resistance to corrosion, extending its lifespan
  • Low maintenance requirement, ensuring continuous operation
  • Weldability, allowing for flexible integration into various structures
  • High tensile properties, able to withstand extreme pressures

Typical Metal Profiles and Applications

We stock a wide range of metal profiles that can be used in a variety of oil & gas equipment.


Custom Metal Processing Services

Our metal processing capabilities are designed to deliver precision-cut materials for oil & gas needs:

  • Guillotine cutting
  • Extrusion cutting
  • Bar billeting
  • Prefabrication
  • Sawn aluminium plate
  • Finishing