Specialised Cut to Size Metal for the Marine Sector

Experience the reliability of robust marine-grade metals, precision-cut to your specifications. 

Providing metals for the marine and shipbuilding sector 

At Click Metal, we understand the critical importance of utilising sturdy marine-grade metals in the construction of cargo ships, naval vessels, and cruise ships. We recognise that your choice of metals and metal alloys must combat the corrosive forces of saltwater. 

Marine tested metals 

Discover the metals best suited to conquer the challenges of the maritime environment: 


Aluminium stands out as one of the most prevalent metals in marine applications, often employed in ship hull construction. It's remarkable strength-to-weight ratio makes it an ideal choice, and when combined with chromium, magnesium, or silicon alloys, aluminium exhibits remarkable resistance to corrosion. Whether for shipbuilding, dock installations, or shipyard infrastructure, aluminium excels. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel, enriched with molybdenum, excels at thwarting corrosion induced by saltwater exposure. It proves indispensable in crafting boat propeller shafts and storage containers.

Typical Metal Profiles and Applications

We stock a wide range of metal profiles that can be utilised within the Marine industry.

We stock the following metal profiles:


Custom Metal Processing Services

Our metal processing capabilities are designed to deliver precision-cut materials for educational needs:

  • Guillotine cutting
  • Extrusion cutting
  • Bar billeting
  • Prefabrication
  • Sawn aluminium plate
  • Finishing