Specialised Cut to Size Metal for the Transport Sector

In the dynamic world of transportation, we supply cut to size metal to support transport manufacturing.

Metal serves as the backbone for a multitude of transport – from land to sea, and rail to road. At Click Metal, our expertise in metal supply shines through in our recommendations for the most suitable metals for your transportation projects. 

Metal components for transport manufacturing

Our selection of stocked metals is specifically chosen for their compatibility with transportation-focused projects:Stainless Steel

Within the transport industry, metals are not just materials but enablers of modern mobility and structural marvels. Our offerings at MG Metals are selected for their superior performance in transportation-related projects.

The following metals are our top recommendations for transportation applications, chosen for their unique properties and benefits:


Renowned for its usage in the transportation sector, aluminium's consumption is significant, comprising 27% of the industry's total metal use. Beyond its foundational strength, aluminium's lightweight nature is a boon for energy conservation, contributing to enhanced fuel efficiency.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel withstands corrosion, making it indispensable within the transport sector. Its robustness is particularly beneficial in infrastructure that is exposed to the elements and heavy usage. Stainless steel's resilience is critical for the structural integrity and longevity of bridges and tunnels, which are essential for seamless travel. Railway tracks, owing to their exposure to various environmental factors, benefit from the rust-resistant properties of stainless steel, ensuring reliable and safe rail travel.

We stock the following metal profiles:


Custom Metal Processing Services

Our metal processing capabilities are designed to deliver precision-cut materials for transport needs:

  • Guillotine cutting
  • Extrusion cutting
  • Bar billeting
  • Prefabrication
  • Sawn aluminium plate
  • Finishing