Aluminium: What is it used for?


Why use aluminium?

Along with its resistance to rust, aluminium is a light, conductive, reflective, ductile and adaptable metal, that gets stronger as the temperature gets colder. It can be melted, cast, machined and transformed into many different shapes – including sheets, plates, bars and tubes.

What is aluminium used for?

Everyday Household Items and Appliances

Aluminium is used in a wide variety of items that are typically found in your household, such as drinks cans, kitchen foil and kitchen utensils – knives, forks, spoons, colanders and spatulas.

Aluminium’s malleable strength in cool temperatures is the reason why aluminium tubing and frames are also present in your everyday household appliances. These include refrigerators, air conditioning units, washing machines and dishwashers.

Its aesthetically pleasing features has also led to more electronics containing aluminium, instead of steel and plastic. As a result, smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs and computer screens are now featuring aluminium chassis and components.

Structures and Buildings

With a better conductivity-to-weight ratio than copper, aluminium is ideal for power grid wiring in overhead power transmission lines that can be seen on electricity pylons.

Respected as a durable, cost-effective option (versus steel) for commercial and residential property, aluminium is found at the heart of most skyscrapers and tall buildings. Aluminium also features in window frames, providing lightweight and effective protection for strong winds and similar extreme weather conditions.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (and Ships)

Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and ductility features (and not withstanding the fact that it’s the metal that enabled passenger air travel), aluminium features heavily in aircraft construction.

Its excellent strength-to-weight ratio is also the reason why modern trains are made of aluminium – it’s one of the main reasons why trains can exceed speeds of 215mph.

Additionally, aluminium is considered the most eco-friendly way to increase performance, improve fuel economy, reduce emissions whilst at the same time improving safety and durability. Its fast becoming the preferred material for car and automobile manufacturers.

Aluminium also allows more weight to be loaded versus other metals. That’s why it’s used in various watercrafts (like large ships, tankers, yacht and speedboats) as it’s great to carry cargo, passengers and fuel.

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