Common use of stainless steel - building frame

Stainless steel is hugely versatile, thanks largely to its strength and anti-corrosive properties. An iron alloy, metals like nickel, titanium, and manganese are added to enhance its natural properties in line with the project it's required for.

From your dinner table to spaceships, without stainless steel, it’s pretty safe to say that the human race would not be where it is today. So, where is stainless steel most commonly used?

Common uses of stainless steel

Here’s where you’ll find stainless steel.

In the home

Let’s start in your home. From your cutlery drawer to your supporting beams, stainless steel is commonplace in every area of the house. When it comes to the kitchen, you only have to open your pots and pans cupboard or your cutlery drawer to see a common use for stainless steel. Even your windows can be made from stainless steel.

In the hospital

Thanks to its hygienic properties, stainless steel is commonly used in the medical industry - from instruments to tools to help broken bones heal. In fact, thanks to its resistance to bacteria and other dangerous bugs, medical grade stainless steel is commonly used for piercings, dental equipment, and theatre trays.

In construction and architecture

Stainless steel is commonly used on construction sites. Thanks to its strength, it’s used as the skeleton frame of buildings. Stainless steel can be cut to specification, delivered to site and installed in a time-efficient manner – meaning buildings can be constructed far quicker than they used to. In addition, steel joists can be used as support if a supporting wall is knocked down to create open plan living space.

Extreme environments

Because stainless steel doesn’t rust, it’s the perfect construction material for oil rigs and boats. It’s commonly used for shipping containers and oil refineries. In fact the properties of stainless steel are so robust, it’s used in aerospace and for deep sea construction.

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